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Video Conferencing as a Service

IndabaCall is a total video collaboration service on the devices of your choice delivered from the cloud.


Get video up and running in five minutes

Give us five minutes, and you can get endpoints activated and ready to call, software clients distributed to employees and customers, and virtual meeting rooms ready to be used.


No hassle

You won’t need to install or configure any servers to get video up. Instead, you’ll be using our easy and automated services. Just click on a link to activate an endpoint, and use our self-service portal to register new software clients.


Scale with ease

Need to expand your deployment for that new office overseas? Easy – just ship the endpoint and add a subscription. Need to meet with a team member or a customer who does not have any video conferencing gear? Just send them a link and they can call you on video using a software client.


Smart roaming

If you are ever moving your subscription or traveling to another location, we’ll make sure your device automatically connects to the nearest datacenter on our network to ensure the lowest latency and best quality video experience.


Control your costs

No need to make a huge investment in infrastructure, instead we’ll send you a monthly bill for the services you use. As your needs vary, you can easily expand or reduce your video deployment.


Relax - we're future proof

We’ve built a global and redundant network that gives you the services you need, the best experience and loads of features. With continuous expansions in coverage, interoperability and more features, we’re confident we have the best solution for you – now and in the future.